No comment about this BS

I am having hard problems with trusted account, please remove it

Maybe thats why i don’t see any bot on my region, thank god.

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Maybe that is why i am still watching bots free in my region and they even pay 3k for oreha. I already bought in steam, obtained the trusted and NOTHING IN GAME CHANGED FOR MY ACCOUNT. IT’S USELESS

Hello @Erik92, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I understand you’re having issues with the status of your account.

To obtain Trusted Status in Lost Ark and remove trade and other restrictions, you must follow these steps:

If you’re still unable to trade even after meeting all these requirements, please Contact Us so that our colleagues there can further review your case.

Thank you for your patience, stay safe!


I am writing in real time with the support of amazon and they told me that is steam, but i contacted steam and they say to contact you. AHAHAAHAHAHAHA REMOVE IT AND THAT IS ALL PLEASE

Remove this system that is totally useless, and it’s trolling for players that wants to enjoy this game fully. So now if i spend 100€ and don’t receive anything trusted, i will refund it and for sure you will do something about it against me. BUT IF I DON’T RECEIVE TRUSTED THEN YOU WILL JUST SAY “CONTACT US” and other no reasonable answers, STOP. Remove it SIMPLE

try selling something on Steam Market?

like those cards that hot sale $0.2

selling? i don’t need money!

u dont get money u get credits



@Power_byCat So if i get these credits then i am trusted? answer


@Power_byCat how much did they pay you or what do you pretend with this? I want the trusted and that is all. I paid for it so i want it. Simple

i have no issue with trusted…

i even not using F2A on my Steam.

so far i purchased 4 slots and selling trading cards on steam

wish u luck
but this is the way my game life and no issue with trusted


@Power_byCat there is no luck in simply remove it from Lost Ark.

I’m hoping this guy never gets trusted system, def seems like the type to mald once one thing doesn’t go their way :rofl: Def not a bug on their end btw, my buddy just got trusted a yesterday. No issues at all :+1: it’s a steam issue, go complain to them not ags.

@GiveArtistAsap Already did if you read but obviously you didn’t. Honestly i am laughing and just want that they remove this troll stuff. I could understand the fact “pay and get it” but not the “pay and don’t get it”. And who talked about bug? Maybe you read other post and wanted to comment it.

@GiveArtistAsap low quality troll