No communication from AGS or SG?

First I would like to say that I haven’t suffered any legion entrance losses or any losses from chaos dungeon/guardian raid disconnects, so I’m not complaining about my personal experience with lost items. I also have 3 1490+ and a whole roster for clown, so its not a matter of not doing them either, I’ve just been lucky I suppose.

That being said, I understand being locked out of weekly content is extremely frustrating and unfair, which is why it is surprising that there has been virtually no communication about the state of the servers. Every day the forums and subreddit are FULL of posts about disconnects, and the most I’ve seen on the forums from anyone besides a normal player is “ya that sucks.”

Games have bad servers sometimes, sometimes for a long time, but I’ve never played a game with servers this bad that has player support that is even worse? I’ve taken breaks from games because the servers were bad for too long, and it was frustrating but every time the developers or publishers at least let the community know what was wrong (to some extent) and what they planned to do about it.

Crashes suck temporarily and its frustrating but I’m more worried about being able to play next week or next month, are we supposed to take the silence as a confirmation that the servers are actually working as intended?

If the servers are just going to be unplayable then it is what it is but we should at least be told whether or not it is going to be fixed at any point.


What u mean no communication? there is info they found potential fix but we have no eta

Can you show me where? Aside from in-game messages like “servers coming down for possible fix”

Just look up Roxx posts in last 24h?

The thing is that it took them weeks to start working and once they did, they decided to drag it out over another weekend without doing anything.

You mean 2 days ago when all they said was “someone somewhere might have a fix?”

That’s the exact point I’m making. I’m sure Roxx is great but they are a community manager as far as I understand, it’s not really their job to know per se, its their job to be given information and disperse it. They haven’t really given Roxx any information to give us, or I assume we would have it.

cant u see today is something else ? almost EVERYONE is gettin dced, no one can believe they didnt shudown servers like everything is okay. Its unbelievable, today is something else, people are making steam reviews of the 19th november 2022. Cant u see everything is going down ? and we dont have a single message from ags ?

And you wont get one, its weekend. EVERYONE deserves one, ill get dc to… just chill ITS only a game.

Everyone? You’re probably not aware of their misdeeds the past 2 weeks.

You are aware that people work on the weekends right? Some people even have 2 days off during the week as their “weekend.” You are also aware that the world doesn’t just stop turning when it hits Saturday at midnight? That by virtue of the fact the forums are up and moderated at all on this, a Saturday, the context clues are provided to be used to make yourself aware that someone somewhere is working on the weekend?

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Its still wont change that u wont see ANY fix at weeknds if it dosnt hit Their income.
Thats how it is, now go and just chill. or dont play till they fix it if you are so flustrated.
Game wont go anywhere

Games get updated on the weekend bro. You are super disconnected from reality.

They have no time to communicate. They are busy counting how many gifted Pheons each of us have used and figuring out how many they can deduct next update.

I expect it will be: “Any free Pheons consumed this year above 100 will be deducted from your account. We determined out of “fairness” that only 5.8% of the players have claimed more than 100 total free Pheons. Anyone who used more than 100 was exploiting.”

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kek, and when its about pheon bro, they work any time of the night, any day of the week

I claimed my pheons, spent them, lost them, went negative, and wasn’t particularly upset about it. I don’t even really mind servers being bad sometimes, but AGS as a group is easily the worst publisher for any game I’ve played, and their responses to issues are WAY worse than the issues themselves, in my opinion.

If you give an inch, they take a mile.

If we let them deduct these Pheons without severe backlash, what will stop them from deducting more gifted Pheons next update? With lies about exploiting and fairness.

It would mean ANY gifted Pheon we have used, since launch, could retroactively force us negative. Weeks or months after we used them. You think AGS cares about their customers too much to do this?

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