No Communication or Compensation

For the past few days there has been a lot of false positive bans based on other forum posts and discussions about the game. When asked about this on the forums or the live chat support system, the response has always been that they are unable to help in any way or communicate any information about the ban. Even after getting unbanned, there has been no notification or email about being unbanned at all and it is up to the player to check the status by logging on just to see the banned message. After all this, there is still no compensation for the player which has either spent money on aura or missed important daily content. Very disappointed that this is continuing to happen and nothing is being done to address it.


Devil advocate here, but to be fair they did announce ahead of time that there will be a surge in terms of effort in banning more frequently in the upcoming days and weeks and that they acknowledge that there will be false positive bans, but also the support team will be ready to resolve any false positive appeals asap.

If you were only banned for less than a day or so in-game time, then honestly that doesn’t really have any grounds to ask for compensation.

There’re built in systems such as the rest bonus and suchs for chaos dungeon/guardian raids so you aren’t really losing that much from one day of being unable to play the game.

If you were falsely banned and weren’t able to log in for like 3 days or so, then that would be more understandable if that was truly what happened in your situation.

Lastly, it’s the weekend now so most of the team is prob away especially since it’s like a 3 day weekend due to the holiday on Monday. Perhaps they will discuss potential compensation next week when most of their team is back.

Announcing ahead of time that you will be banned falsely doesn’t excuse their actions. Even being banned for a day you lose out on login rewards, life skilling, and compass rewards to mention the very least. There is also the deal with aura which has a real cost that the ban ignores as well. I don’t see how not compensating the player for a false ban would ever be the correct decision to make.

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They announced that there will be false positives because they’re trying a temporarily solution to resolve the bot issue, but to put that into a broader perspective, it will not affect everybody. Since they can’t see into their future, they can’t initially make the claims that there will or will not be compensation because they don’t know the actual end results of how many people will get affected. The support team can’t tell you any more information because that area is not what they’re responsible for so they’re doing their due diligence by doing what their jobs entails and telling you the facts of their circumstances of being unable to help/communicate.

You were just unfortunate enough to get the false positive.

The login rewards have been extended to 6/23 so technically even if you got the login rewards everyday, there would still be a spill over of 3 extra days for anybody who wasn’t able to claim.

Life skilling energy is finite. If you’re not taking advantage of your farm to keep it under a certain amount or manually maintaining it so it would never reach full capacity, then that’s really on you.

Compass rewards aren’t really that valuable subjectively. If it had the value of say a Valtan run, then sure people shouldn’t miss compass rewards if that was the case.

Aura on the other hand doesn’t really have a real cost. Every player can earn gold, convert to blue crystals and purchase the Aura.

Once again, it’s the weekend so try not to have any demands or expectations these two days until the team is back in office. Perhaps they will bring this issue up later and offer compensation then. It’s a bit premature to say no communication/no compensation imo.

Announcing that there will be false positive bans ahead of time still does not change situation the players are put in. Even if they can’t see into the future, they still announced there will be false positive bans without planning for compensation. Don’t see how being falsely banned doesn’t justify being compensated when even unexpected maintenances are compensated for.

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It is a videogame.
I admit it would suck to be banned for nothing but, it’s just a game, what is so important ? If you are unbanned, you can enjoy the game, if you felt bad for not being able to play the game, then, you should reconsider what is important I think.

Don’t see how being apathetic is relevant here. Just disappointing there are false bans that won’t be compensated for.

I dont see how this even excuse them for falsely ban player and dont give them anything. Imagine in real life when it found out that you were imprisoned for the long fucking reason do you go sue them to get compensated for the time loss? Heck yes.
This is just pathetic excuse since most people here dont get the random ban annoying the fuck out of them. People are easy to overlook something until they actually have to experience it. It’s like because only a small part of the population get affected and hence they are just ignored.


I was falsely banned and told on my first appeal that the ban was upheld. After a second appeal I was unbanned. I don’t care about compensation but at least an acknowledgment or apology would be nice. Being banned for no reason really sucks and you feel pretty helpless.

It remembers me this : Man gets $75 after being wrongly imprisoned 31 years - CNN I don’t know if he got more.

I understand but this videogame is free. If you’ve lost some days of aura, it sucks yes but you can play without it, it’s some QoL stuff which can be bought with blue crystals (so, gold, you can get gold for free every weeks, everyday too if you sell unbound mats) and it would require a lot of effort to check every cases to find out who bought it (aura) with blue crystals or $/€. If their decision is to do things like this, you know what to do in the future about that : gold → blue crystals.

Who are you to decide what’s important or not to someone ? …

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Yes I agree a “We apologize for this error.” would be the minimum.

Get back on Earth, it’s a videogame.

That’s not the point of what I’m saying, and it seems that you should be the one to get back on Earth

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You have no word or say to what’s important to anyone or to what anyone wants to dedicate their time, whether it’s just for entertainment or anything else, you’re just a jerk for doing that. It’s just the way it is

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Glad you understand


I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Why would a game being free excuse it from banning players through no fault of their own? The player is punished for just trying to enjoy the game and then ignored right after. When someone is wronged, I imagine the least that could be done is an apology or something to compensate for it.

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