No crystaline aura - Neria EU - for 2 days now. compensation?

first of all im awara about: Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory
but i have 2 issues:

  1. yesterday my aura didnt come online after i logged in… or 6hrs i played… so half of yesterday (sunday) was wasted (aura wise). same situation was on saturday. Today i log in and aura is not online again (on server selection screen it says its on, but when i log in its not on…). so my question is when it’ll be stable and what compensation is there for EU Neria players that dont get benefits from their bought crystaline aura.
  2. regarding an issue … how do i create personalised support ticket? is forrrum - bugs the only way ?

Not that any1 answered this… but found out ion support page little info:

If your Crystalline Aura benefits aren’t displaying, restarting the game may resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, please submit a web ticket.


I dont have active aura too since saturday on Neria server. Also my not yet opened twitch drops and other stuff (3days aura) from inventory product package disappeared.

Same issue for me. Aura has been up maybe 1/4 of the time logged in during past 3 days. Shop under maintenance and can’t claim anything since product inventory list empty. Started the game with the Founders Platinum Pack and claimed a few items on Friday, then all this started happening. Was hoping maintenance yesterday would fix it but nope.

Edit: I arrived here looking for how to submit a ticket as well. No clue, all avenues point to the forums.

u mnie to samo na neria…

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Contacted support 3 times for this game already. Sorry but support in this game is useless and clueless - they will only tell you to try turning it off and on again and then to verify files integrity. Amazon support has never really helped me with anything yet. I think we just might be on our own. 3 days without aura now too. Can’t open show, can’t get twitch drops.