No dealing with bot, no chaos bug fix

At the same time, no additional ways to gain gold as a legit player other than raids and praying for the good stuff to drop, yet everything in the Auction House’s price is growing like crazy, I even wonder if AGS is with botters, if you don’t swipe or rmt, you don’t really have enough gold to buy stuff like gold engravings, I’m not talking about grudge, just other gold books that class will need, their price is rocketing right now, it’s been like only 2 days, which is right after bots talking over all the queues


i feel your frustration. its even worse that theyre rewarding RMTing by releasing valtan raid in hardmode now. oh hey, thanks for cheating, heres access to even more ridiculous amounts of gold!

The first 2 chaos dungeons of the day should reward gold. quests should reward gold. there should be daily quests for gold. the gold rewards of tier 2 dungeons needs to be vastly increased. taking a chest from an abyss dungeon should cost 0 gold. who the fuck thought it was a good idea to charge a 30% tax for a fucking treasure chest? killing a field boss should reward at least 100 gold for tier 3


progression is fine, I won’t agree with you on the second part because those gaining are way too easy, bots would be able to do those too, I’m just saying that they do nothing about the bot, causing gold inflation like crazy, can’t really afford many things if you don’t rmt, or do the legit way of swipe into steam.
also, the chaos dungeon bug caused t3 mats price to increase, and it made those bots that farmed t3 can earn more gold and again, cause more inflation

thats the entire point. why would people need to buy bot gold if they can get gold on their own? it kills their business because demand goes down. the entire reason botting is so bad is because theyve made gold too valuable by making it too hard to get


Why not ban the bot accounts and then lock the friggin servers so only existing accounts can make new toons on a server?

Be hard for bots to get back in fullish busy servers if they are locked out. btw 4115 queue on Una

With 3 chars 1370 you earn 1200 gold daily …

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totally agree with this, just lock the server so that no more new bots can be made, raids can matchmake with other server anyways


Huh ? lmfao the price increased because were getting a huge patch in 11 days that has a required item level entry.

Selling materials from dailies

While true, it puts your chars in a state of stasis if you’re selling and not honing

They said they don’t want the game to feel p2w, but so far people with unlucky honing like me, still needs a little more help to reach 1415 Valtan, so I have no clue if May update will have some sort of an event that helps us push.

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They did also say its okay if you cant do the new raid on day 1 :slight_smile:

No its not okay when I’m playing since the beginning with multiple characters, I might not have the same experience as some people who played on other regions, but it still contradicts what they said.

not only that, you only gain around 500 blue mats for 2 runs in 1400 chaos, dissemble gears included, mean while, for each click after +15ish, you will need around 600 - 700 mats, at that point, player’s daily mats can’t even reach, while still need to level up gears, then they gotta buy it.

It is not a, you don’t need to rush ilevel for raid problem, it is more of a, this was not meant to be like this but now they have this bug, caused the problem to grow big.

Get a clue, prices are skyrocketing because people are preparing for relic accessories, leading to less supply and higher demand. Relic accessories aren’t supposed to have class engravings, so people are preparing for that.

I’m not saying that’s not, but that’s not the only reason, people rmt cause gold inflation, they get what, a few thousand golds with only a bit of real money on rmt sites, in addition, everything in the auction house is getting expensive that is also true, why are people still thinking is only because of relic accessories, I’m even wondering are some of the responders also rmters?

The extra chest used to cost blue crystals and they changed it to gold. Do you want it to go back to crystals? Also you don’t need the bonus chest… on most of mine I pass on the bonus chest…now on main I take the chest to de the stuff into greaters

Well yeah, game is designed to have to make choices. Need gold to save up for accessories/engravings? Sell leapstones. Want to push your ilvl? Use leapstones to hone.

Want a boost without cheating use the store