No desire to play lost ark

After waiting years to play this title and playing it in russia for not being able to wait you are taking away my desire to play lost ark, and I imagine that as it happens to me it will happen to many other players, I can understand many of the problems but it can not be that after 4 hours of queue I can’t even play:

  • It is impossible to make instances, not even alone.
  • I spend more time without the crystalline aura than with it.
  • I don’t get the gifts for the launch
  • The bonus of the founder’s pack is not arriving

It is exhausting that day after day, announcement after announcement nothing works, please do something right now, or at least stop launching things that do not work, every day I have less desire to enter knowing that after 4 hours of queue I will not be able to do the daily content or that to do it I will have to spend an hour trying to enter, they announce a gift for the launch a bonus for the founder’s pack and far from being happy I know that I have to go to the forum to see where to report that I have not received absolutely nothing, is that not even the crystalline aura works and the blue crystals do not stop coming and going, it really is exhausting, I do not want more gifts I want at least what I have to work, I do not want to have to be day after day coming to the forum because nothing works.


Do what me and my friends are currently doing taking a break until amazon can do anything to resolve these problems cause they’ve killed our hype for the game at the moment.

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