No emergency maint to fix completely unusable AH or just for the sake of kicking all online bots that make the game and AH unplayable?

Just a thought.

If there was 5 accidental pheons mailed to us, we would have 14 hour maint by now.


I had this same thought lmao. Nothing came of it or anything.

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Yeah. And don’t forget, that:
1st they gonna say yes you can use it. It’s free. It’s yours. We give it as good faith
2nd they’ll wait till u use it
3rd they redacted their statement and say that’s it’s actually a loan



I just closed the game. AH is not working. EUC.

No words from AGS/SG.

The game is soon dead.

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no the game is still going strong and much stronger as usual.

Because players complaints and still play the game that is why you guys get treat that way the only way to make thing move are the numbers and for now numbers look fine.

People dont care about the number of bots

Surely their business intelligence will care about revenue and bottomline.

At least the cash shop works fine :joy:

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funny how that works right? we’d get a 16 hr maintenance if the cash shop was bugged but they can’t realize how big a I can’t play the fucking game issue is :clown_face:

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I guess they don’t lose money when people get kicked out of there weekly/daily activities and get fucked but not enough iq to realize people will stop playing the game be less inclined to spend money? idk dude -iq all around

u kidding right :joy: i got DC in cash shop try to refill Royal lol. It is a sign that the game don’t want my money lol. This company is garbage in their response. They will emergency maintenance for pheons while this crap went on 2-3 weeks. Let’s see in the next quarterly meeting how many people we should cut in this division.


Whenever cash shop crashed, there was an emergency maint within 10 minutes of it happening.

I am very skeptical about the increase in the number of concurrent players having resulted from new players (or from the same players playing for longer).

I don’t think there’s a lot of new players because, let’s be frank, this game has a very bad reputation in general (technical issues, bots, gatekeeping, cash grab, you name it) and it had been slowly bleeding out players for a few months.

I could be wrong, of course. There’s no way for us to know just by looking at that graph.

they are mostly bot.

Yeah, very very likely the case

I do

Counting the number of bots means nothing :sob:

That’s majority bots. Actual player population is around 85-90k

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the problem is they (amazon) cant fix anything themselves. they have to speak about making changes with smilegate.

Wake up. Can’t you see that even CM is a robot?