No Entry Bug, AMAZON/SG Fix THIS!

Hello Amazon, @Roxx

Please fix this no entry bug. There is no reason for it and you have been letting this happen with no fix at all.

You Stated that if there was a sever problem on your guys side during a time when someone lost entry to anything that they will be reimbursed.

You also stated that if there was a crash or a disconnect on the user side they would not be reimbursed. Here is where my post starts and why I am typing this bug in the game that are letting thousands of players lose entry to anything with no solution, While you amazon are just telling players, sorry its your fault when in fact the game is a bug in the game and on your end amazon and SG. Which you need to reimburse thousands of players that are affected.

1.) Today my game crashed during Vykas G1. Told party on discord I will be back.
2.) Party then decided to go back to lobby because someone else wanted to leave. They did not kill the boss. While I was still connected to the party and my computer was rebooting.
3.) Re-loaded game to connect back with party.
5.) While I was connected to party and reloading in. Possibly happened when party decided to go back to lobby while I was still connected to the party. Counted it as an entry and we could not go back to Vykas G1 as it counted my entry when we didn’t even beat the boss.
5.) Before I linked back up with party. The leader accidently kicked me out of the party and when my game was loaded re-invited me back in. This could of messed with the system and when I was kicked out the party on accident and counted it as a clear.

This is clearly not because of the crash or disconnect. There is a bug in the game when party goes back to lobby.

This is the case for everyone else that gets dced or crash. When they complete anything else. it goes back to lobby first so if anyone Dced or crashed before a party completes something it goes back to lobby and counts as a completion when they we not even there. Or in my case we Did not even complete G1 and party went back to lobby and when I reconnected it counted it as an entry.

I already made a ticket for this and also think about your policy for Crashes and DCED from the game as THE CRASH OR THE DC is not creating this bug. Its your game.