No event for the last push before Vyakys?

I am sorry for those who is close to 1430 or 1460 and now is pretty much left without hope. Before there were some free mats for purchase from Wild Wing island with honing support pack, now there is none.

FeelsBadMan, completely empty week full of desperation :melting_face:

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People don’t need to do vykas in 1 week. Because there are a lot of people who have just started playing the game recently, this kind of thinking and trying to make people hungry is not fun.

encourage people to have fun where they are, and play in their own time. Push events we had countless and we will have countless. Event with vykas, thronespire, then we will have a powerpass, a story and a hyperexpress.


Well yes, I do agree that making people rush the content and so on is not fair, but the thing is that many players have static parties that are waiting for them to get to 1460 or higher to try and do Vyakys hard together, and the problem is that they are now in worse situation then they would’ve been if AGS and SG left the Wild Wing for one more week, giving players a little more resources and honing assistance

Remember when Vykas does drop, you’ll also have Thronespire, if you’re close this can probably get you to your goal before trying Vykas hard that same day. If you’re not that close, then neither event would really get you there.

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oh no you might not do vykass on thursday night but instead Friday or saturday?

poor baby, how will you survive.

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Well, it’s not like I personally won’t do it on Thursday, it’s more that many people may not be able to push from 1445 to 1460 even after the reset. Just saying, this week is a lackluster anyways

If someone is 1445 they’re not pushing to 1460 from chicken island mats. Thronespire mats maybe, I forget the total it gives but it’s a good amount.

“without Hope”

Well maybe, but I don’t think that removing piece of content and even instead of keeping one and adding another to kinda tease players into would be better. For example adding the support pack this week, so that everyone who is FOMO-ing would buy it and push further before reset. The decision they made and the Log-in rewards on top of it just feel a lot like a total joke

Oh no, you are telling me there are people who planned on tackling Vykas on release, knew it was coming for weeks in advance but somehow one week of a shitty event missing breaks their push?


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People could Start playing the game on there own and not hope das ags shoves freestuff in there lazy asses to catch up to the people that actually play the game and put effort into it.