No express for destroyer is okay but we need a Power Pass

I am more than okay without an express event for the destroyer nor was i expecting one.
But please give us a power pass pretty please.

Thank You.

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Agreed. No one should be forced to go trough T1 or even T2 when new class is released now. At leats make the pass purchasable!


I wouldn’t mind wasting my damn time with T1 or T2 if they let us move shards and bound items between roster characters


this i find really annoying all mats and shards should be ROSTER bound, i can understand not all of them being marketable but make them roster bound.

Yup shards are the only currency in this game that isn’t universal. Bound leapstones and guardian/destruction is just purely cause they want you to swipe. As for where they want you to swipe? I am sure Mari could tell us.

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Okay i totally understand being against the idea of the power pass which is fine but why you gotta add the passive agressive “monkey” thing ? Is it so hard to be civilized ?

FYI I am actually 1415. and wait actually no reason to waste my time on you. Wish you the best.

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