No fever time this week?

No Fever Time? Any news?


NA East Una, no fever time here either.

I feel entitled to fever time today because we were explicitly told it would be there:

oh no the lose of a few potions and a couple of leapstones. only if there was another way to obtain both of the named items.

Very unfortunate, have a nice day

Same would apply to everything else oh wait nobody cares about that part. Henced shit happens for the missing free items lol

The room temperature differs, it’s 102f here in my room so accordingly to your math a pretty average iq.
Didn’t need your approval to know that :clown_face:

Yeah, no fevertime here either. Wasnt it supposed to run two weeks?

NA East didn’t get July 24th, July 30th, and probably July 31st fever times.

If the game advertises to give free stuff how is it wrong to assume we will get it? Free stuff is free. I’ll gladly take the honing mats for my new alts I’m trying to build. Not to mention it’s the second time this fever time is unavailable in NAE without a word from the mods, which is needless to say sort of ridiculous. @Roxx if there are any updates on this issue, please let us know thanks.

Bro i survive off those potions. don’t take away my source of potions for my raids.

craft them.

no the fever time ones give me everything i need for all runs across all alts and main.