No free skin? sadd

for a moment I thought they would give us a skin :smiling_face_with_tear:


You can get skins for free through the Twitch Drop.


i think he meant the ani skins

Korea gets 1 FREE anniversary skin and weapon skin each anniversary per account.
Thats what we are reffering to.


Imagine you buy your proper gift for your anniversary :sweat_smile:


no offense but these punika skins are mehh
i thought we’ll get anniversary skins for free only one like korea


No no Korea got not 1 but 3 FREE skins during theyr 2 any , so it seems we are getting 1 any skin for free in the new event.


yeah but i cant expect Amazon to show any form of proper appreciation to its playerbase.
So id rather mention the bare minimum smilegate does each year cause being too nice to your playerbase might scare AGS.


Technically they are giving away a free skin a free pet and w/e else the event vendor has for us (which we dont know yet - but the patch notes say it will also have skins in it as well).

So let’s wait until tomorrow and then make up our opinions.

Pet skin incoming

Yeah im not going batshit crazy over it until i see whats on the event shop tomorrow. But its okay to point out, so they can consider it for the next anniversaries atleast.

Cause AGS most likely handles the Cash Shop anyway.

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I was expecting a free anni skin like they got in Korea too, maybe I was so silly to think that would come to our version. Even I usually buy skins with € more than gold, some free ‘store’ skin for all would be nice.

‘‘There are three different cards, which can each be redeemed for a variety of weekly and roster level rewards that include skins, honing materials, card packs, and much more!’’

They stated that there will be free skins to redeem from the event shop, let’s hope these are anniversary skins and not some trashy mokoko skins.

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I just hope they’re a reasonable price, 10-15 bucks amazon needs to steer away from these 25-30 dollar skins then slapping them in 50 dollar bundles too. They’re microtransactions not macrotransactions.

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most likely will be 50buckerinos tho

wait… wallpaper also need to buy?? KR got it for free… c’mon AGS… dont be like this

I know every other region had to pay for the anni skins but im not sure what the conversion cost on them were. Does anyone know what RU or JP paid when they got anni skins?

You all saw their “THANKSGIVING” special where it was only selling more shit on the store. If at this point you haven’t realized the kind of greedyfks these guys are you have an issue.

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Theyre thanking us for the money we give em. So technically still within the event

oh you say the npc’s skins ? that awesome, can’t w8 for to put on my storage.

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