No Growth Support Pack

I completed “Berver’s Friend” on day 1 of the Powerpass disablement, and I have not received the Growth Support Pack. I’m being told by Amazon Games Support that I completed it just recently, but I literally finished it and got the Powerpass day 1 of them being turned off. I had immediately tried to use the pass because I hated the class I’d been leveling, which is why I watched the progress of the issue being fixed so closely. I’m just trying to figure out why I wouldn’t get the support pack since AGS is just giving me the same incorrect answer.

Hi @Squanson .

Hope you’re are doing great!

Sorry to hear your Growth Support Pack hasn’t arrive yet.

If your pack doesn’t arrive by August 20, an escalation will be needed to further assist you, please allow me your main character name and server. I will update you as soon as possible. :call_me_hand:

Wish you a nice week.

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Thanks for the reply, my character name is Jasquanson on Enviska NA

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i’m having the same problem still haven’t recieve the punika growth support pack.
ign: Yawamode
server: Bergstrom

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@scrapr , thanks for report it. Sure, i will escalate it too.

Working on it… :+1:

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thanks :slight_smile:

I also have no received mine IGN>Jumbapoo server Na east Una

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Hi @Squanson.

Updated: Your Growth Pack should be in the Product Inventory(The ones where items purchased from the store are placed)

Example image:

@Udon , @scrapr. Please check the Product Inventory tab too. :+1: working on it.

@Squanson If its not there please try to verify the integrity of the files, instruction on this link.

And send us a picture of your Product Inventory tab to request a further escalation.

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Hello I still have not received mine and I have even tried verifying my files.

Hello Arkesians,

Thank you for following up on this thread. Please note the roll out for the Punika Growth Pack was concluded on August 19th and all free power passes should now be available. If you are missing any of these and meet qualification criteria, please submit your data via the following link for review Contact Us | Amazon Games. (Do not post it in the forums).

I will close this thread to avoid multiple entries on the same matter.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: