No Honing buff in May

Think this deserves a separate thread, start tapping those alts lads.


Honing buff did not happen in KR until 6 months after Valtan…


That’s cool.

KR also didn’t get Argos one month after launch and a s̶p̶l̶i̶t̶ ̶S̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ ̶V̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶u̶p̶d̶a̶t̶e̶. This is not KR and should not follow the KR update cadence…


You don’t need honing buffs for current content or even for Valtan… the buffs were to get new players to Valtan level 6 months after his release…


They actually did get South Vern in parts.


No honing buffs? Literally nobody expected one. And there isn’t one needed.
Play the game. Honing buffs will come multiple months after Valtan. Relax :slight_smile:


Did they?

I thought they got the 1415 chaos and world boss with the continent.

My bad then.

No it came like 2-3 weeks after South Bern story patch.
South Bern content wasnt released till Valtan release.

Has nothing to do with cadence, this content has levels where it drops relic accessories.
1415 chaos line drops the same shards, just the rewards arent in the vendor yet, and require you to be 1415 to begin with to purchase them. They would have to change the coding within the game to only release 1415 chaos dungeon without the other levels. Just costs Smilegate more effort when theyre already juggling 4 different versions of the game.

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Well its developed by the same people that developed the Korean version. Get used to it

We don’t need honing buffs.

We got a express/ark pass. And a free 960 ticket boost.

Like if anyone hasn’t hit t3 then they just simply don’t play the game as with those resources you can hit t3 in 1-2 week playing just what? 2 days out of the week 2 hrs max.

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They dont understand. The buff they are for some reason desperately hoping for is just 10%. Like using a book from the current event. Makes 0 sense

Its moreso the 60% reduction of material cost for each hone that is the benefit, no so much the % honing chance. I personally wouldnt mind 1340-1370 honing buff, but there is no reason the buff needs to extend to 1415. Players need to work and put some sort of effort to get where they want.

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Well, I’d prefer we don’t wait 6 months to get new players to at least Argos. I’m not asking for a buff to 1415, but at least to 1370 to help new players. Sure the Ark Pass and Express is nice, but the more players we have doing Argos, and on alts, the better.


You get heroic guardians for extra mats. I don’t think there will be a honing buff this soon

I agree with that. We need that support alts for argos. Maybe they will give hyper express this update or next for sure.

Why do we always love making extreme exaggerated examples to prove a point in General Discussion?

that doesnt mean that you dont have the honing buff from stronghold at 1460 just saying, which makes upgrading alts from 1370-1415 easier

NA really gotta complain until they’re hand fed everything?


I was just leading up to my point about 1370 Argos :sweat_smile:

I guess so.

ignored :rofl: