No Honing Research with Vykkas

But the thing is, we all know the honing research is coming. And coming pretty soon probably. So the only logical step is to wait for the research, which means playing less, either save up your mats or sell them for gold and just chill. That’s what basically all people I know ingame are doing. Most guys are already sitting on big amounts of gold and waiting. Not even going for accessories makes sense, because there are very few alts over 1400= very few relics…

I don’t think a lot of people are dumb enough to push many chars to 1415 without the honing research, so all AGS is doing is making the game boring and less engaging, which should result in people logging in less and spending less moneyz. Because there is nothing to spend on!

I’m pretty sure the research is actually an incentive to push your chars and players will spend more money in the process compared to what is happening now. Even with the buff it still costs a lot to get your alts to 1415/45… So this move doesn’t make sense if you ask me. If you want people to spend more you make spending interesting (like sales in real shops etc.).

coming pretty soon

We had lot of stuff that we thought it was coming soon but found out we won’t get it until 2023