No In Game Announcement of Express Pass Change

Why was there no announcement in game of the ability to Change the Character for the Express Pass?

Did they not learn anything? I had to find out about this on the forums. I just happened to jump on.

The next release will determine if I keep playing this game or not. I’ve already stopped paying money into the game. This is bad.


Since you are able to visit the forum u should check it out more often. Especially on wednesdays and Read the freaking Patchnotes.

A little bit more effort… Just a little bit.


That’s a bad take.
Players shouldn’t be expected to do research in order to understand core features of a game. All necessary information should be contained in the game, extra information such as the optimal ways of doing things etc fair enough but core systems should be explained in game.
Set your standards higher.


Events are not core features of the game tho.

They could put something ingame that redirects to the patchnotes.

But to be honest if people cant use 3 minutes of their time to read patchnotes they also wont read it when its written ingame.


I believe they are a core feature. The racing event explains everything in game. The spin to win event in KR explains everything, yet the express event is very lacking in information. Id argue thats a fault of the game and not the player. If you dont think its a core feature, i cant really argue with what you believe, but I’d still disagree. To me a core feature is any system that’s used by the entire playerbase, whether that feature is temporary or not doesn’t matter.

Yeah I was a bit put off by this as well. The event not being explained properly in game is what got them into trouble to begin with, why would they repeat the same mistake again? Yes I’m aware people should read patch notes, forums, etc. but the reality is some people don’t and the relevant event information shouldn’t be strictly available outside the game.


Hey slow down you are talking to an express guy you should put some visual content along your words or he might don’t understand or just completely change the words you have said to his convinience


And I don’t wanna get annoyed in-game by messages for the. Let ignorant players … If u wanna know patch notesgo and read them

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It was well.explained and i know no one who has problems or misunderstand it
I a kinda sad they fixed it as I feel people should be responsible for their action more and whining should not be rewarded

Events are very much a core feature of the game in Korea. They happen very often.

Koreans read their patch notes tho


Literally in every game you have to read the patch notes to know what’s going on. Why do people act like it’s different in this game?


Completely untrue. I played wow since WotLK and hardly ever read patch notes. I also engaged with pretty much every aspect of the game, including normal raiding and I was never once hindered by not reading patch notes. Sometimes I read them if I was interested but I never HAD to in order to understand what was going on.

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Is this a joke? lol

I’ve never had to read patch notes for any other game before…

If you’re going to make fun of somebody else’s comprehension then at least put some effort into constructing a cohesive sentence. Although, I’d rather we all just treated each other with respect instead. I guess that is like searching for a unicorn on these forums though.


All of you replying to this post saying that you don’t read patch notes: You deserve everything that happens to you.

You don’t need patch notes for this or any other game, you never read them, they have to announce you in game and blablabla.

You are missing a lot of information, ignorants gotta ignore and the attitude of “I need the information to be spoonfed in game”.

Really, not the kind of player I want in group, guild or any activity, in this or any other MMO.

You got some nerve to come in here and say that you don’t need patch notes, which are BASIC nowadays for any game.


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What are people doing when we get patch notes where we need to read 10+min for all informations, how do you want this ingame. 50sites open with F5 and closing with esc.
Yes a notification with a link aren’t a bad thing, but why not self going on official platform of the game to find the information.
For guides on “unofficial” sites the people can do it

It’s not nerve. It’s my honest opinion on what makes a well managed game. You are right though; the devs don’t HAVE to announce anything. Just like the players don’t have to read anything. The only thing that this disconnect between players and the devs will effect is the health of the player base and the longevity of the game. If you’re fine with that then so be it. You do you and others will do what they are happy with. I’m honestly not bothered. I’m not so invested in this game that I’m upset if I ‘miss out’ on something that has no real life value. If this game lives or dies, it won’t affect me IRL so I guess whatever.

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It’s all good, next patch you guys are gonna get audiobook and picture book that shows you what to click ^^

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