No login rewards from 08/13-08/24

Why such a large gap with nothing in it? Don’t say because people who didn’t log in every day complained last time because they were given a 2nd tab when the new rewards came out which allowed them to continue claiming both essentially missing out on nothing.

This only affects players who log in every day and changes nothing for the people who missed days in the two login events before this one. The 2nd tab system allowed players who missed days to log in for the chance of collecting the rewards they missed with extra time without hindering players that log in every day.

The new system just adds a large gap of nothing for people who diligently play the game essentially ruining an already perfect solution that had already been implemented and used twice.

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You said it exactly. Because people complained they missed a day, so now there is a buffer to allow people to catch up, so now they don’t have to have two separate tabs just the one. I think it’s silly, it’s called a daily login reward for a reason, but that’s just my opinon.


Not sure why people are liking this comment, all this does is punish people for logging in daily and do nothing for the lazy people that don’t as they already got their rewards anyway like I stated above.


not everyone has a life around lost ark, people have jobs, social lives, responsibilities, or just other games they want to enjoy it doesnt punish people for logging in daily you just dont get more free stuff for playing the game everyday thats not a punishment, now is the 2 week gap a lot? yes but its not a big deal unless youre just fishing for something to be upset about


No cap, 2 weeks is too long. Double tab it thats it

i personally think bdo’s solution was pretty good where they gave players an additional week and you also got double dalies on weekends

I still logged in, did my daily on my main but ignored my Alts.
the lack of log in rewards definitely put my morale down lol

This changes nothing, the only thing them leaving a gap like this does is affect the people that log in every day it does nothing for the people who “don’t have a life around lost ark” as all of those people already got all rewards anyway from the double login reward tab system they have already used before. Your point is irrelevant and bad.

I don’t understand why they just don’t offer a complete daily login reward track that changes on the 1st of every month. Many MMOs do it like this. If you don’t log in every day you don’t get every reward.

However, most MMOs also put the “big” rewards earlier in the track - so maybe the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th rewards are better than the others and the remaining days at the end of the month (between 3 and 6 days) just container filler rewards (honing materials, etc) so if someone doesn’t log in every day they still have time to get the big rewards and only miss some of the smaller ones.

Instead, we have something which is neither fish nor fowl. The reward tracks start randomly based on the update cycles and lasts a random time - often resulting in having to change the track midway through - a complete waste of dev time and confusing for us customers.

Dumb excuse to defend devs. Do you people have some mental impairment that makes you unable to think of solutions that helps both groups?

You can easily make it so the login lasts a few more days for people who missed some, while starting a new log in reward at the same time. Late people get both till they finish their remaining ones.

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the reasoning is as others have stated so that there’s a buffer, tho other games usually have some other way of handling a buffer than just simply giving nothing at the end.

some games don’t have buffer days at the end but will instead give you 2 days worth of rewards on saturday and sunday.
other games give something after the main rewards but not something worth a whole lot (for example 1 pheon or 1 greathonor leapstone per day after the last main reward.)

And we could have like max 5 tickets to use on the rewards if we missed any :slight_smile:

Read main post and responses above, The argument for the addition of a buffer has already been nullified by the points of the previous system that was already put in place twice now.

i already said a solution that i liked literally 2 comments down harvard man and even said that 2 weeks was a lot but just like how you wanna whine about not getting free stuff. there are people who dont fit the first part of my comment that will complain that people that didnt log in because they were “too lazy” get rewards that they got after logging in everyday like they need a trophy for it youre wildin over some pheonix plumes and a few mats

if a set of rapport items or an extra set of mats is getting you down that bad then quit the game its not a detrimental loss to give people a bit of wiggle room especially when it comes to small additives to the enjoyment of the game but its not something that will make or break the game either way, the double tab system isnt a bad system nor is double rewards on days most groups are free to play but its not something thats gonna break you and def not a reason to trip

Bad response attempting to avoid the issue at hand acting like it doesn’t exist. The problem is they released a solution to a problem that already had a better solution before they touched it.

i literally agreed with your reference to a solution and even said a solution that i saw as good and then said at the end of the day its not that deep

And? I can argue with the same, if is people who play chill, work 23/7 and don’t have time to login, two or three days, no problem just lost the daily login and move on, why they should be wait for the rest, i don’t even play all days but i login all days for login rewards, now I’m not playing like for two days cuz what’s the point I’m 1490 waiting for clown but being able to make breal i don’t have any incentive to login, the login of the sicks glasses i lost the light 2 weeks and I miss then even with the extra days and i don’t say any word not even with the first schedule, and when i saw the new one I was like o come on for one day I couldn’t get it, but that’s how things works, is fine if people can login everyday, and wants to go chill, but then just don’t cry about not having the rewards, or just make two tabs rewards, idk honestly two weeks is a lot of time, but I’m more concern about clown release end of September is a huge problem at this point they don’t have nothing until that the game probably die in the middle. At this point of the game the majority are mmo players who play all days, casual are minority in this case, when i say play it include only login for rewards or making daily with one or two characters not the sicks one who play everyday 8 alts. If they make the game casual friendly when you base game are MMO player you have done something wrong