No Loot Pickup from Dimensional Cube Mega Lucky Chest

I ran the Dimensional Cube on my Lost Ark character Eurycrates on the US East Elzowin Server using 3x “Entrance Ticket: Dimensional Cube [Normal] (Bound)” - the tier 3 cube. It completed at 1026 am server time (EDT). On the second to last floor, there was a loot chest, and all the items dropped, but I got none of the items. My character was standing on the chest, with the loot just on the floor around my character, so it was not a distance issue. It is the first time that this has happened. My character was moved to the next room along with the rest of the group, and then we completed the cube on that floor.

I checked my bag again after my character was outside the cube and there was no look from the Mega lucky chest. There was no regular animation/notifications/sounds of the loot being collected, the loot the sat on the floor. I initially thought that I was DCing, but I stayed connected to the game, so I guess my internet was fine. My inventory was only half full, and my pet inventory was completely empty.

I am currently speaking to someone from support via chat, and posting this here in order for the forum post to be attached to my ticket. Ideally, I would like to receive the loot that dropped from that Mega Lucky Chest, because that chest does not appear on every cube run. However, if that is not possible, it is at least possible to compensate my character the 3x “Entrance Ticket: Dimensional Cube [Normal] (Bound)” back?

Honestly an easy fix for this is that any unlooted stuff from any and all runs, whether they be accidentally uncollected Guardians, or loot missed from Cube or islands or whatever, is automatically mailed to a character. Other games have this, and it would probably solve a lot of issues.

Thank you!

Hello @Telemachus,

I’m sorry to hear about your rewards during the Dimensional Cube.

We understand that situations like this are very annoying and if the issue was that you got disconnected you will normally get a restoration entry on your game mail after some time.

Still, in some cases a replacement ticket may not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side, so please be aware of this too, here is a post made by one of our community managers explaining more in details this:

If the situation was not caused by disconnection and your rewards disappear it’s good that you are contacting our live support so that our technical team can also look into this, so as soon as you have an update let us know!.

Apart from this have a nice day! :leaves:

Hello Greenvcs,

Thank you for the reply. I am aware of the automatic time and ticketed content lockout tickets being mailed. I have received one in the past for an Argos run because the server kicked me out with an error. However, I was not disconnected at all, was able to move on and complete the content with the group, but I was missing the rewards from the floor before the last.

This has nothing to do with a disconnect, but with what I feel was something on the server side that prevented me from looting the items that were directly beneath my character, either through auto-loot from my pet, or from me trying to frantically click while my group moved to the exit of the cube floor.

Thank you for looking into this!

Hey @Telemachus, it’s a pleasure on trying to help you!

Like I also said in the point number 2 it was good that you got in contact with our live customer support, may I know what was the resolution of this contact?

There has been no resolution for this so far. The individual I spoke to from the support chat made a ticket and asked me to make a forum post to link to the ticket. I have the ticket number, so I am just waiting to see what happens now.

Great @Telemachus, now with the ticket this should get investigated so please if you have an updated let me know!

Was your pet’s auto collect on?

yes, @MopUp I actually checked when I got to the next room. I mean it’s always on, I got crystal aura time going for like another 29 days rn, so it would have been 30 days yesterday.

Also, thank you @Greenvcs

Hello, I have not received any sort of response about my ticket. It has been over 2 weeks. I can share the ticket number here if needed. It’ll be appreciated it someone can get back to me. Thank you!

This is absolutely terrible. This same issue happened again on another character, but this time it DCed me with an error and didn’t automatically return the card either. My internet was again fine. Here is a screenshot of the error. That is 4 cube tickets total.