No love for F2P players?

Let us buy Arkpass using gold/blue crystals, to be fair with whales

thanks ags


Better solution would just be to include forum access with the paid ark pass. Then no more complaining about all the mats you can get absolutely free without spending a penny.


You… can… ?

What are you talking about? The free pass has mats so what are “whales” gaining that you are jealous of? A freaking mediocre looking skin?

extra mats u get from premium pass.

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“No love for f2p players” while there’s a free reward track in the arkpass… yeah


He means to make premium buyable like the aura, which u can get by using blue crystals

Thats good, i actually hate those f2p players that cant even spend like 10 dollars for the game in 2022.


hihi seems we have some discrimination going on here … + for a free to play only server without all the snops :smiley:
we can watch later which server has more / less bots … farm more mats has more grps etc :slight_smile:

The rewards gets doubled if you pay, so technically you can treat it as if it never happened. It’s like someone giving you a half bitten sandwich to silence you.

If you want to play the game, maybe pay and support it. You know, Lost Ark development costs millions of dollars.


Don’t all battle passes work like this though? At least ones I’ve seen has free tier and paid tier.

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I don’t see a reason to support something thats only purpose is to milk instead of making the player base happy? How long have we asked for skins and classes and you guys are taking the bait with the crappy ones

mostly yes but its always a balance question … for example genshin impact is an extremly p2w gacha game but the battlepass even if it has a lot of convinience is not needed at all … u jsut don’t starve on mats and energy … compared to here…
Well but u could say as he was released it feld kind of similar.
My problem is still about paying for a broken game…and if they exchange the events now just for a paid pass its a garbage move .

And well some streamers or comments here said sth about 20% more mats or so but its more than doubled …
But we will see how this goes.

Well, you can quit if you really do feel like AGS and Smilegate are milking you. Just because you ask for these skins and classes does not mean they should give them to you. I 100% understand the logic behind releasing classes and skins monthly or bi-monthly instead of all at once. It makes sense from business standpoint.

I know, I’m totally fine with the free rewards, but I’m just saying since we lost naruni events which had really good t3 rewards.

I mean… the game has to make money somehow. If by paying you get the same stuff, why would anyone pay?

There’s 3 layers to the pass, including a free one, so people can make their own decision about spending money/supporting the game or not.

It’s a f2p game but it still has maintenance costs.

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Doesn’t justify the way they treat us.


Sry but they made a ton of money … in a game which basically was created … they have still ton of rdy content … do u really think their maintenance cost is this high ?
they don#t even have a own development team …
But ok i don’t know how much profit they need to get … and my issues are at other points as how to f2p this game is… It was advertised as extremly f2p friendly which is not sooo true , but most suspected it already.
But Communication is still bad …
Botting problems , hacks , punishment for abuses etc nothing is clear how it goes and it don’t feel like any progress there.

At some point they should think about quality before asking for more money :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I suspect their advertising team + a team which analize how much they can milk us cost probably half of their costs :stuck_out_tongue:


Take your free rewards or support the company and buy it.

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