No Lover Skin Set for Gunslingers?

No Lover Skin Set for Gunslingers?

only midnight summer

The sets predate Gunslinger and, thankfully, Amazon has decided not to hold skins back if they’re not available for all classes. Don’t worry, there will be more GS skins in the future. See 2022 skins from KR:

Lover and youth really just can’t be used on gunslingers? what the actual hell. I thought it was just a glitched previewer?

the texture of the old bikini skin is horrible anyway why would you want that + you cannot dye them

What the actual hell? Well this is what happens when people bitch, complain, and send threats about needing more booba skins RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t give them time to recreate, model, and rig skins for current classes that where released after the skins originally.

Damn coomers >.>