No matter the response to the roadmap

I know how hard it can be to develop an entire game as big as lost ark, even with a large team of people. (and I know how hard being a social media manager is as well!)

So I just wanted to thank you all for the hard work your doing every day for the game, if its translation, coding, art, music, modeling, sound design, user interaction, social media, getting messages to the team or across the sea, or even moderating the forums. :heart:

No matter what you release in the roadmap, there will always be some negative, but loud, voices. While all the coming opinions are valid, I just wanted to make sure the team knows that there are plenty of people that are loving the game, and appreciate all the work you’ve done behind the scenes! We just want to see the game become best it can be!

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But they dont do any of that? Ags gets sent the patches of old content thats already wrapped up into a package and upload it. At most they may do localisation but thats not weeks of work.


Localisation is questionable, seem to be just shoved through google translate, they lack the ability to even match the voice lines to subtitles most of the time…

The one guy who calls feiton feLton every time i run through it annoys the crap out of me too…

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