No mega server planned in 2022?


Since all of the server issues, no transfers possible and friends/guilds being split apart from each other, it crossed my mind why there’s no mega server implementation being planned?
You already have a cross server play and cross server trading post implemented.

I know the idea seems a bit crazy, but GuidlWars2 did it in 2014, so 8 years ago. We could assume it would be a standard of MMOs by now.

Source: Introducing the Megaserver System |

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How dare you to point out a solution for this mess ?!!!

Same type of thread, different day

Mega servers are great. BDO has them and its perfect for not losing contact with friends and having the ability to expand servers if needed.

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Megasevers or sharding would take care of majority of the problems, but AGS is insisting that those are technologies unknown to mankind. So is character server transfer.