No Moake star but I do have 39 Papu Crabs

Go play another game. Honest recommendation. That’s it what LA is. Somethings can’t be just p2w.

Who said anything about p2w to get things? As I mentioned in a previous post they could either increase the drop rate as ilvl increases or allow you to get the star/crabs via achievement reward for killing him x number of times. That way instead of pure rng bs you will be sure to get it with dedication.

Ye but as they are now there no guarantee u ever get one

Nah! The coolest part of these RNG stuff is the equity promoted. Everyone has the same chances and the same achievement feeling after pick it.

I have all omnium stars but can’t drop Brealeos island token.
Been trying for weeks now.

RNG is a bitch.

When it does works as expected. Keep trying!

Seems to be me and yearning, 129 purple bags still no orange only white coins

Yearning can be farmed (reasonably)
But theres finite moake spawns in a year so you cant really farm it therefore chance exist you can never get a star

in fact you can get more turtles kill in yearning in 24h than moake spawns in 9 years

yeah true dailies have to keep waiting for

129 bags? Wtf?
In 20h+ total I got 2 bags and both were the other day.

I got everything from field bosses, but I can’t get legendary bleed, no chance.

On top of no crabs on my star after 3 months i have 75 anguished clears without soul or star

Yeah been on this for about 1 1/2 months 700+ hours so far

How many souls you have?
I’m at 89 and will do some Yearning tonight, maybe I get lucky.

88 souls so 2 off from relic, but yeah sorry about talking about other things besides the topic was just referring to the horrid rng sometimes lol