No more ban wave for BOTS?


it seems like bots are reaching the unmokoko statut , how it can be possible ?

They hone.

It is much more fun for AGS to put restrictions on shoulders of players than do what they are supposed to do and ban bots. Just imagine to work with concept, that they will add to game so much stuff preventing gold making, that literaly automated programs working 24/7 (bots) would not be worth to run. How many players will want to play such game…

they do ban waves once every 3 months or big patch. I expect next one with artist/balance patch release, not before.

They do ban waves cause they cannot afford GM which would ban them manually.
What a completely dysfunctional publisher.

@Roxx These droids are riding the BUS like crazy, trying to upgrade to 1375, if you can’t nip them in the crib, it won’t be long before they are more stable farming gold, but you can’t continue to do anything about it

And is not like they need 100 gm just like 2 each region 1-2h on each server go to hot spot ban go next but it cost to much for them