No music after entering an area

I’m experiencing an extremely annoying bug since a few days ago. Almost every time I enter an area music simply refuses to play. The only way to get it to work is to either switch channels or go restart the game/go back to character select screen. This is especially easy to see when entering your stronghold. Before this started happening the bgm pretty much started playing already when you were on the loading screen. Now though? It doesn’t even start until you go on top of the lighthouse and go back down or do the things I’ve explained before.
I’m wondering if it’s another problem tied to the server instability… Since I’m 100% sure nothing changed with my PC and it only started to happen around a week ago, similar to the long loading time problems during peak hours (but that in itself is a whole other problem).
Any help/advise would be appreciated, because it is seriously ruining my experience with the game lately…

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I have the same issue. I can hear music in a city (Prideholme etc) but not out while questing.

When you say you “switch channels”, what do you mean?

So I just turned music off, saved, turned it back on and saved and entered a new area and it seems to be ok now.