No need for delay

There’s no need to delay Brel, it’s already been announced and people got their days off from work. You’d be fucking over a lot of people by delay.

You will get fuc*ed anyway by them if they don’t fix the dc problem

Nah, just reconnect ez

Hype for Bruhshaza

They couldn’t fix the DC problem with the last maintenance before raid. It must be delayed and it doesn’t matter whether “you” took a day off from work or not. What matters is the majority that are experiencing DCs from a server side problem.


Hahaha people have days off from work for Brel? Who takes days off for a solved game?

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Nah, no need for delay, just don’t run it till they fix the problem and let the people who want to run it do it at release.

Anyone can decide what to do with their time bro, im pretty sure you also waste your time on useless things, let them be

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You’re not listening. It’s not that people don’t want to run it, they can’t run it. People are disconnecting all over the place and now people can’t even access the game. Releasing an update when the game is in this state would be laughable. This goes to you but mostly op.

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So what? I can log in just fine, my whole guild too, maybe i heard about a few disconnects here and there so what? just reconnect and keep playing, just like you usually do… So you want to ruin the whole thing for everyone? if they delay brel most of the people i know will just quit, who cares if we disconnect, we can always re connect and keep trying (In case you are affected by the disconnect issue which is not my case) Let us have fun stop being selfish.

Saying ‘stop being selfish’ whilst also saying ‘who cares my games fine’ is hilariously obtuse. Open your eyes, you’re the one being selfish. We’re not saying delete the damn raid we’re saying delay it so everyone can enjoy it at the same time. You saying nah let me play it whilst others cant is selfish


Why? i never said im not selfish in the first place, but if im selfish you are selfish too…
The difference between me and you is that i can accept what i am lmao, like i said stop wanting to take away the fun for the ppl who don’t have/can handle the disconnect issues (which are the majority of the playerbase)

Your fun won’t last as long as you think. If the two biggest regions continue to collapse the player numbers will go with it, and the game will die faster thank you can blink. Enjoy their bots coming your way.

If they keep delaying shit ppl will also quit…

Also i have fun with my team, i don’t do pug so i don’t really care

I don’t play with bots so i dont care they are not allowed on my brel static team.

You’re straight up blind if you think the majority of people are experiencing no issues. No one actually wants brel to be delayed, best case would be they fix the servers and we all get to play on schedule. Clearly they dont seem capable of that so maybe instead of focusing on throwing a new update on top of a crumbling game, take some time and focus on fixing it. How is this a controversial topic

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Odds are you just take a break and come back. People don’t quit for content they’re ready for. Compare that to people who literally can’t play the game. They will quit because the alternative of starting over in a server that functions is not happening. Rather than get ultra mad you have to wait a bit longer to do something, maybe take a look at the health of the game. If things keep getting worse you’ll lose the ability to play the game anyway.

It’s a sinking ship and you’re complaining because you want to play the piano on the way down.

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The raid isn’t going anywhere, u can do it later heheheheHAHAHAHA

Exactly. The game will have a whopping 4 raids. People will be sick of doing it within a month. . What’s a few weeks more to fix things versus that? Impatient gamers.

Show me statistics then, lets see…
Cuz i just run raids/guardians the whole day and i haven’t seen a single disconnect…

Some people do

Yeah lets wait for the next patch to see if they fixed it or not…

Bro they may have the fix already patched on the brel update and they maybe don’t want to release a hotfix right now cu zit can get in the way of the new patch…

You don’t know me.

So what?

No, i can still play just fine, if things get bad and im also affected by the disconnects thats fine, ill wait for them to fix it while progging on brel raid and in case it gets supper annoying ill just take a break and let ppl who don’t disconnect to enjoy the patch c: