No new class until October

“No other Advanced Classes will release while these events are active.”

“this is an event Powerpass that expires on September 28.”

Is now 3 months cadence?

New class on 28th Sept


Its either Scouter release first or Dragonflight… If it’s the latter i will choose new expansion

That is only 2 months :slight_smile:

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Well I suppose it will practically be October by then.

True that we expected mid September but this is earliest very last of September.

kek scouter isnt coming until next year bro

RIP ironman dream

Don’t see why he won’t come next. But idk

If they don’t care about back to back releases it will be summoner, if they do care it will either be reaper or scouter and reaper is more popular so…

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Sept 28 is only “mid” September bro. Get it right.


reaper is not more popular tho

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It is tho but nice cope

Scouter is the most asked currently :joy:

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where is the info I would like to see some info. So you can inform me pls.

They just said they were releasing Arcana because mage had only 2 advanced classes. Guess which will be the ONLY class with only 2 advanced when Arcana hits.

Hint: It’s not Gunner


True! True and real

Reaper when?

Two mages back to back? No,
Scouter is older than reaper.

Yep and wanna know something I am not saying she won’t be next I am saying why can’t scouter be next. No reason for you to answer with the same copy paste answer because If they were so interested in the oh this has only two classes they would have released Reaper instead of destroyer and arcana instead of glaivier :slight_smile: