No new story pass?

I know there will be punika powerpass and super powerpass to 1370, but no new story pass?

Several friends are interesting in LA, I told them that there should be new story pass in next week, like what we got in April, but can reach higher lv. ,maybe 1302? They all anticipate it.

What a bad idea for attracting new players

Was there a story pass back in April? If you mean the one with Glaivier patch it was Feiton pass and thats only for those who have already clear up to Feiton story mode or further

For free passes, players will have to have completed the prior content before receiving them; the Feiton Power Pass that you are referring to had these same requirements. New players can still receive the two Vern power passes, but will have to reach that content in game first as well.

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Thanks for reply,Roxx.
I checked the April announcement,found that I mistake the name. What I call “story pass” is “Express Mission Event”

“This new event will allow players to select one of their characters at combat level 50 that’s under item level 1000 to do “Express Missions”. That character will be granted level 302 gear, and have an opportunity to complete express and bonus missions for significant honing and progression rewards. The missions will be split up into four sections, corresponding to the major continents found in Tier 1 and Tier 2 (North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton), each granting an abundance of materials relevant to that tier to help players progress, such as silver, honing materials, major potions, Engravings, and much more.”

I wonder if there will be another “Express Mission Event” just as same as the April ONE which start from LV 302?This can really help new players like my friends to speed up the T1 & T2 stage, help them to get the first T3 Char in about a week or two.

Sorry, mistake the name. What I call “story pass” is “Express Mission Event” which start from LV 302 and can help new players to speed up the T1 & T2 stage