No news still for july update?

Bruh its in less than 2 days and theres nothing about what we actually getting except 1 small blub that we are getting summer skin, is there nee ark pass? New express event ? Like whats coming !?

Whatever news you get is subject to be incorrect or change anyway. Just get cozy and wait for Tuesday night’s patch notes.

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Which is also hit or miss on its accuracy.


They release ALL patch notes day before update actually comes out. Why would they tell you what’s in the patch 3 days before when things can get changed in those 3 days being added/taken out? They post patch notes when they have most things set in stone that they want you to know about.

0 spoilers guy, tomorrow night the patch notes arrive

EDIT: But Spells in Spades - Releases | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

This link have spoilers, we get summers skins 2 (search it on youtube)

Patch notes are tomorrow, and a new post is supposed to go up today according to Roxx.
Use Dev Tracker.

We got all the news.
Challenge Abyssal Dungeon
Summer Event
Summer Skins
New Class: Arcana
Valtan Inferno mode
Express event
Punika powerpass

Has there been any talk lately about Challenge Abyssal Dungeons though? I guess we’ll see tomorrow but I haven’t seen it mentioned almost at all since roadmap came out.

“Exciting marketing ahead!”

  • No video trailers
  • No bikini skins showcase
  • Complete radio silence since last week
  • Forced to rely on a 3-year old KR special website for info on summer event
  • “We promise to do better and be more transparent”

Man, AGS is truly the best at hyping things up.


patch notes always come some hours ahead of the maintenances. always been this way

Yep. They’re still failing hard on marketing. No official Youtube videos and no video guide on the Express event/ Powerpass. As the Western publisher, they really should be on top of this stuff.

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Yes we had in June & July roadmap.

today later, confirmed by roxx

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Kind of doesn’t need to restate what’s already been stated. Relax, it’s coming, it’s a very extra content.

Their definition of “transparent” have totally different meaning.
Silent, invisible, muted, and suspend everyone who raises their voice.

I think Roxx or Shadow_Foxx mentioned that patchnotes will be shared 1 day before update. I’m not sure about any more news other than this.

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I cant find that. Hmmm link?

Try search for roxx activitys


also patch notes are and always will be the day before servers go down

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