No oceanic servers

Is there any news on Oceanic/SEA servers?

The game feels terrible with anything over 150 ping

We may as well just save the $20 and spend that on a VPN to play the Japanese version for free with better ping for a far more enjoyable experience. Especially considering the translation patch will be better after the western release

What is the rationale for no Oceanic/SEA servers?


Nah, this needs more visibility.

It’s insane how in 2021 there are still no servers in the Oceanic region with 0 communication or rationale why that’s the case

Posting in the one thread minimises the problem

I hope this is the case. I haven’t looked into how the strings are stored, extracted and replaced. If AGS’s translations can be extracted and used in the fan translation that would be great for other regions. At least until we start finding their political bias added throughout the game.

ideally we wont have 2