No one is acting entitled, Amazon told us the exact date for the April release

Omen skins leave the store tonight, so where is Aprils update then?

Why lie @Roxx and say that you guys had no plans for the update to be the 14th? Clearly you did.


Well, this is an update. And it is April right now.

Dancing with words to change the meaning is the lack of communication everyone is telling amazon.


they will give everyone 3 phoenix plumes and call it the april update :slight_smile:


Oh you want to dance with words? It says (THE) April Update, not (AN) April Update :slight_smile:

It carries two meanings,

  1. It’s an important update that is the highlight of April (ex. dude that was “THE” shit!)
  2. It’s the only update coming in April

It’s clearly not #2, so it can be inferred that ‘the April Update’ refers to a major update. In our case, it is the South Vern and Glaivier update.

You very well know what the thread is talking about, so please stop dancing with words. :slight_smile:

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Or, if you have 5 cars and tell someone their phone is in “the car”, they’ll have no idea which you’re talking about. Using “the” doesn’t really mean much, and before today there wasn’t even the context of having multiple updates.

Either way, I’m just cracking a joke while I’m getting Chaos + event stuff done on characters.

pretty sure if i had 5 cars and left my phone in one of them, I’d be saying “I left it in one of my cars” or “I left it in my [name of the car model]” (e.g. “I left it in my Benz”).

conclusion : pointless example.

You can do that, yeah. Doesn’t stop English from being dumb at times though.

there it says “until the april update releases”
they didnt’ said when that update os going to be, could easily be 30 of april at 23:59 pm.

i am also waiting lancemaster to be probably my new main.

but i would rather wait a week more rather than have a bug infested patch.

I don’t think english is what’s dumb here.

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“Read rhymes with lead and read rhymes with lead, but read doesn’t rhyme with lead and read doesn’t rhyme with lead.”

English will always be dumb.

nobody in this entire world says “april patch” and release it in the twenties. If you talk about the twenties of a month, you say “end april”


Highly unfortunate.