No Option to Dye

Magick Society Casual Wear B Facewear 2 (the bubblegum face item) does not show up as an option when using the skin modding UI. It does not say that it cannot be dyed when looking at the item description.


pretty sure none of those accessories are dyeable from any set so those face wear 1 and face wear 2 are not dyeable at least that’s my understanding

Is that intentional or a bug? Yeah I noticed other things not being dyeable as well like some earrings.

i think it might be for certain select sets but im not 100% sure, i do know any of the face wear 1 or 2 that ive gotten have not been dyeable and i have a ton of them.

also looking on AH the face wear 1 and 2 dont say anything about being dyeable.
i also beleive it is this way in KR aswell. probably not a bug so they can include like say different color sunglasses in different sets to make more profit

Ahhh that does make sense however why add the ability to dye at all then… Most of the outfits (thinking bikini sets) were the same thing in different colors and only the older ones couldn’t be dyed since the ability to dye didn’t exist at the inception (KR) of the game.

I’m just peeved about this one because the bubblegum is like some nude/yellow color instead of any stereotypical bubble gum. CRY

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You can’t dye facewear 1, facewear 2, instruments. On your first photo, if you click on “all skins” there will be a drop-down showing you what types of skin you can dye.

Ah, that’s kinda bad that they don’t put it on the item because you could end up buying the set or the item individually from the AH and not know until you go to mod it that you can’t. Very misleading and they should at least put it on the item description.

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I agree. I was under the impression that instrument skins can be dyed, because it doesn’t state otherwise. So I picked the yellow one with charisma stats planning to dye it purple or pink. It didn’t show up on the list. I was surprised. Then I saw that “all skins” and clicked on it. Yeah there were a list of dye-able types and instrument wasn’t one of them.


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Yeah qq the pain is mutual.

Hey there,

I’m sorry that you’re not able to dye certain items! I understand the frustration of wanting to have complete customization and I will forward your feedback to the Dev team. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping a fellow player out!

@classicmix50bags I appreciate your assistance, again. :slight_smile: