No players to play with

I’m trying to find anybody to play with but since the last update I cannot find any parties be it chaos dungeons , raids etc. I keep waiting and waiting and waiting and i can’t find any parties { looked at party finder too , no parties}. Does anybody have the same issue ? ( party around lvl 1370)

What region are you? I’m in EUW and it’s just full of bots and near impossible to find players to play raids with.

Im in Na , VYKAS server , I’m in awe that there’s 190k active players yet there’s no one in the matchmaking … be it dungeon or raids ;(

Its not 190k active players, more than half are bots

Lets say 80k legit people then , still no one in matchmaking ?

so people mostly use the group finger to do content the only time i seen MM is maybe boss rush or cube.

but with you on east i can help you if you want a hand , every content is region wide

if you’re trying to do 1370 raids in matchmake then u will wait long… most people are at least 1445 even for alts since we got express events

Even group finder is showing me maybe 1 room full that’s it for raids

even if its true , it’s IMPOSSIBLE that all of the 80k ppl are 1445 … lol but you might also be entirely right rip

what content you trying run atm ?

Oreha’s well

if you got a second make a group and ill apply and we can run it , just gotta change to my alt since i ran it already on my main

unfortunately, this is very true. i have experienced it on my own skin. i have recently changed mains(no, not reaper), and because it takes 3-4 weeks to get full relic set, i was getting denied from 90% of groups.

so, me and the guild i’m part of, we came up with an idea. every week, we’ll do learning parties for free on EUC. valtan, vykas, clown. if you see us, you’re more than welcome to join. be on the lookout! not all of us are bad :slight_smile:

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There is many ppl even on 1370 but not enough to have 24/7 MM. Most ppl with big aoe classes have stopped MM in order to save time because they clear faster on solo,also paladins for example if u add preemptive strike the aoe clear is very fast u 1shot almost eveything with 1 heavenly blessing. My personal experience 3 months ago before i stopped MM was that on MM i was always matched with either classes with low aoe or low geared ppl or 2-3 or even 4 support on same party and most of them without proper chaos set up with at least preemptive strike,so it was taking longer and made it a not worth it option for me.