No Power Pass After Completing Quest

I just realized after completing “Ealyn’s Gift” quest a long time ago that I never actually received my Power Pass…how do I get it now?

Server: Una

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Hello @dtanimal ,

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I am listing series of steps required for the power-pass:

-Complete the Main Quest, Ealyn’s Gift
-Check out your in-game mail
-Claim your Vern Powerpass Token from your mail
-After claiming your Powerpass Token, it’ll become available for your other characters.
-Head back to the main screen menu which loads up when you first launch the game
-Select the character that you’re looking use the Powerpass on
-Press the yellow/orange Powerpass located at the bottom of your screen to activate the boost
for your character
-Right after using the Powerpass, you’ll need to complete the Adventurer’s Path quest to fully boost your character.

Please confirm if all of these have been completed.

Looking forward for your response :slight_smile:

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Got it thanks

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So glad to know this! :slight_smile:

Have a good one @dtanimal !

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