No powerpass for destroyer? next time release 2 characters at same time then

They could’ve at least warned us… But they only decided to talk about it cuz we asked about powerpass for destroyer. Imagine the riot if we never asked and expected a powerpass on destroyer release…

What’s the point of releasing glavier with express event and powerpass and then later on releasing destroyer without any of those ?

I know we could’ve saved both for destroyer but for some of us it was just better to use express on an alt. Personally I used express event on glavier and powerpass to push a support to t3, cuz honestly, everything pointed that we would get a powerpass with destroyer, cuz that what makes sense.

I’m just sad af cuz I wanted to main destroyer and now I’ll just take way longer to reach end game stuff with it. As a casual player I’m not gonna do main story again and specially not t1/t2 guardians, I’m also not gonna push my temporary main to 1415 cuz I just wanted to sit at 1385 and wait for destroyer. Sry but I’m out, have fun with Valtan. See you in a few months when they give another powerpass.

I’ve defended all of SG and Amazon and now they do this… Just wanted to rent, this was it for me, sry. See ya!