No Powerpass still

I still have not received a powerpass.
I was hoping to level an alt, but it says you do not have a powerpass, even though it it says powerpass available, I have finished all Vern quests, in fact, I’m ilvl 1066, and have finished Feiton, but still nothing, any help would be appreciated, thanks :smiley:

Character: Azogun
Server: EU West - Rethramis

Hello @azobidar ,

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I am sorry that you are unable to use your powerpass. Please try this workaround-

Create a new character on another server, and access the game using it go back to the character you want to use the power-pass on activate the power-pass on the character you want to level up (do not activate it the newly created character, as you’ll waste your Power-pass). You should be able to activate the Power-pass as expected.

Try to run steam integrity check as that helps getting missed items or content.

I hope this helps!

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and thanks for the swift reply.
I did everything you suggested, yet the problem was not solved unfortunately.

Also nothing came in mail

Hello @azobidar ,

I am so sorry that you still haven’t received your powerpass.

I have listed all requirements in link Powerpass is missing - #2 by Helianthus , kindly refer to it once.

Perform Steam integrity check.

If issue persists please contact support to raise a ticket for this issue, relevant to your account-

I hope this helps.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Heliantus
Same problem here!
I finished the main quest with my Arcanist Griann, recived the powerpass, activated but not used because i didn’t have an alt at that time.
Now, i would like to use it, but i cannot.
Over every alt i’ve there is a yellow slot, Powerpass elegible, but i cannot use the previous PP because i’ve no way to activate.
My characters are all on Central Europe server Neria.
Could u assist me please?
Best regards

Hey there @fantomax70 Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

To use your free Vern Powerpass after you claimed it from your in-game mailbox and clicked the consumable ticket item follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Character Selection screen
  2. Click the character you want to use the Powerpass on and click the Powerpass buton
  3. Look for the North Vern Powerpass option (you might need to scroll to the left if it’s off-screen) and select it
  4. Click the Use Powerpass button at the bottom of the screen

This should load you into Trixion on that character and then you will just need to follow the prompts on screen to choose a Specialized Class if needed and you can either play or skip the guide,

Hope this helps!

Sadly seems to be broken again.

Could someone help me?

I’m still having the same problem…

I’ve earned a powerpass and i cannot use it and i cannot understand the reason.

I need your help, please.
Best regards

Hey there @fantomax70

Please let me know the name of one of your characters and your server so I can check further into your account. Also please let me know if you’ve ever used another free North Vern Powerpass on your account, and make sure you’ve completed the Ealyn’s Gift quest in North Vern, and claimed the Powerpass Ticket Item from the mail and clicked it after to activate it.

main character is Griann, server Neria Central Europe.
Never used a free North Vern Powerpass on my account, i’ve completed the Ealyn’s Gift quest, claimed the PPT from the mailbox and activated, BUT NEVER USED!
Thnx for your assistance

@fantomax70 Hey there, after checking on your account I can see you’ve never used the Powerpass so I checked all your inventories and storages and I can see the Vern Powerpass ticket in your character Rékla’s storage, please check if you can see the ticket item in there and use it, after that you can follow the steps above to use the Powerpass from the character select screen.


Problem solved, thank u very much!!!

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