No progress on "Ruffians in the Ground" Una's Task

Been doing the “Ruffians in the Ground” daily for a while (should be around 10 days or so now) but I’m still at 30/30 Level 1/3 on reputation now when I checked. Is it bugged or whats up?

I have the exact same problem. It won’t go past Level 1/3 for me either. No clue how to go further.

Have you gone into the reputation status tab and claimed the rewards?

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Hello hello!

I’m sorry to read you both @DyngbaggeN @dauthus are having problems with the same daily quest. As @DyngbaggeN was having this issue previously, I would like to know if he tried some work-around or troubleshooting before or after posting his comment here.

Also, @Cyprux has a good advice to follow, it is always nice to see our community members helping each other.

Now, if there are issues with the progress of a Quest, the only way to try to solve it from our side, would be with a live contact with our customer service via amazon games web page, then contact us, our partners would be more than happy to help our beloved heroes of Arkesia.

I hope you find this helpful and be able to complete Ruffians in the Ground soon, Arkesia needs our heroes stronger each day!

Can this only be completed on one character?

I’ve been using the instant completion tickets on this and the progress only moves on one character. The Shadowmoon Market “Super Secret Materials for a Super Secret Project” quest does the same thing for me. I’ve already progressed it in the Reputation status tab.

Hello @1KC,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue similar to the one on this thread but I heavily suggest against replying on top of older posts marked as solved in order to avoid having yours overlooked and also due to the fact several patches have been applied since this post was last replied to, possibly addressing the initial issue and even if yours seems similar, it may not be the same.

Please note using instant completion tickets will record the progress of that task to the character originally associated with the task. If you do not notice any progression, please follow the steps listed by @Burchet and submit a support ticket for further review.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

You can get reputation point only once a day. You can do the same quest on different characters, but you won’t get reputation, only quest rewards.

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This is because you can only get reputation points once a day per quest. For example if you are at 20/60 and haven’t done any una task for the day, you do that shadowmoon market quest, it will be 30/60. Now even if you do that same quest on a different character, it will still be 30/60. Look at the reputation point (it looks like a heart) you will see it is grayed out and have a check, meaning you have obtained it for the day. Come back tomorrow. Do not do the same una task on different characters thinking it will help speed up progress. It will not.


Thank you!

Hi there! Thank you for the reply! For some reason I was unable to create a new thread so my only option was to comment under someone else’s post. I was trying to avoid the duplicate as well, but in the future I know now! Thanks again

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