No 'Quality imported meat' from Yorn Una's Daily

Yeah, it’s more than a little insane. This made more sense when people were stuck in Yorn for years or what have you, at the rate we’re moving through stuff it makes no sense for it to take that long.

i have around 70 of those chests and once i wanna do this BS i have a lot of alts on 100% rested so wont be a prob just spam the quest with rested and win.

i have opened over 200 chests , how can i get this meat… how can rng be this bad …

i’m at the same spot as you, 200 chests and nothing, it’s literally the only thing preventing me from having my legendary mount and it’s a huge piss off, there needs to be a system in order so that if you have 200 fish sitting on the side that you could at least turn it in for the meat

@Roxx is it possible for you guys to look at possibly increasing the drop rate for the una meat, i talked to support and they said the best way was to mention you in forums, i’ve been stuck on not being able to complete yorn for 2 months now because of this dumb rng and i’ve saved up 80 chests minimum twice

It is indeed an annoying one. Both Feiton and Yorn food stuffs are RNG nightmares.

This particular one took me 67 tries. Far from the worst, but still tedious. As others have mentioned, alt farming this helps quicken getting it immensely. Due to that I don’t feel it is the worst of the RNG systems, but like how you can turn in 100 snails, you should be able to turn in 100 fish here…

definitely would be nice if we had a system like feiton where we could turn in our garbage mats

@Roxx can you please let us know if an option like this has even been considered, too much of feeling ignored on the forums

i got 70+ chests just of doing quest once a day on zerker that does nothing else? :smiley: