No radiant items in itembox after defeating a rank 6 guardian!

Hello ,

I am a player with item lvl 1430 .
Today and yesterday I defeated Deskaluda.
I obtained multiple guardian souls with radiant accessories (epic) .
These epic items dont show in my inventory box.
This happend after the last merge / update of the game.

Please help !

Your sincerely, Amciksumiye from the Rathamis server

mhm sounds like auto dismantle to me.

look here Auto dismantle issue - #5 by mr_max

Hey @4Mcik! As mentioned, have a look through your auto dismantle settings.

If the issue persists, let us know and I can file a bug report. Thanks!

Hello ,

Thank you for the tip about the auto dismantle. I had it on as follows :
Epic item or below.
Item tier 3
Item quality d.n.c
Apply auto dismantle : upon gaining drops

I still think as player and professional testconsultant that you need to look better to the auto dismantle functionality.

Your sincerely, Amciksumeye

Just confirming, you are no longer facing the issue you initially reported?

I have reported to the team that players find the auto-dismantle system isn’t clear.

Hello ,

I am not having the issue when I disable the auto dismantle function. But the auto disamble functionality is not working correctly. It nerds to be look at it on an user perspective.

Kind regards, Amciksumiye