No Reentry ticket for Kakul and zero support from anyone

Our static got locked out of the Kakul raid after the server maintenance to patch the aura issue. We have raised numerous support tickets all same copy paste answers about automated system blah blah. Waited the required time still nothing. That is absolute garbage. Zero gates completed locked out for the week of the release its just plain bs. Zero support from anyone.

characters locked out Fourteeth Slydeath Treasonous and ilona

same here, if u spent money just go refund it. fuck em

Same here. Ags is just copy and pasting the same macro and not helping us

And as usual still no response no ticket.

Head on over there and try your luck. Hopefully they figure it out. It sounds like Roxx is pushing to get more info. You’re wasting your time with support tickets IMO. Good luck frens.

Hey @Fourteeth hope you are doing awesome and a happy welcome to the forums!

I’m so sorry for the situation you experienced being locked out of the kakul raid and now unable to access it, please remember our system only provides re-entry tickets in cases caused by a verified server crash or outage.

As of now the system in place will automatically reissue entries when deemed necessary and you should receive it within 24-48h. You can check on how we handle these scenarios on the following link.

As well you can head to the following thread provided by @Vidar for further assistance:

Appreciate the support showed to the community @Vidar, thanks!

For all of you folks, really sorry for this situation, in this case if within 24h you do not have the re-entry ticket please go ahead and post the information required on the thread above.

Hope it’s helpful and wish all of you a nice day!