No region merges, how about horizontal skips?

There’s alot of talks about euw being a dieing region and I’m sure it’ll die eventually a long with the majority of the players on it. But how about horizontal skips to an extent of course.

The idea of doing all that horizontal content again sounds horrible but if I could have all my skill points back? I’m listening tell me more.

Thoughts, ideas?

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September - Part 2

…This update will also include some server merges. We’ll continue to monitor which worlds could use a merge, and provide comprehensive details on which servers are merging and how the merge functions leading up to the update.

If you have committed a lot of hours and done the horizontal content already, then just like me, you gotta wait and see if Smilegate will develop a region merge in the future.

If not then people in euw will play less and less and eventually will just quit the game and move on to something else. I will quit 100 percent when that time comes. No way in hell or heaven I will be putting the effort again to do all the horizontal content again.

In the LA subreddit people are warning new players not to take the bait and start in EUC instead if they plan to play this game long term.

thats a server merge not a region merge which will fix small problems like island souls in EUW.
big problems like dead auction house/partyfinder are already region wide and this will not fix it


Ah, I misread.

Thanks for correcting for me

Okay and that solves nothing. The matchmaker, party finder and ah are all ready region wide… all this does is put dead servers together, it doesnt fix anything else. It will be the same with less servers. Nothing changes.

im okay with atleast free 3 punika powerpasses to EUW players who will switch to EUC , leveling from the beginning is unbearable and maybe free mats too.

I am from EUC and in my opinion people that are 1415+ should get a 1415 pass or 1370 passes (if they are below 1415) + some partial horizontal progression. I switched back to EUC months ago at 1385+1340+1340 and it was a pain in the ass at that point already