No Rest Bonus on Gunner

Hey, I’ve created my Gunner for Scouter and bought the powerpass for him. (a couple weeks ago). I went through the cut scene/class tester in Trixion then logged off but noticed I’ve not accumulated any rest bonus. Everytime I log into the Gunner, it starts off with the Gunner cut scene and makes me interact with Beatrice all over again. Is this a bug? If so, any potential fix?


I’ll see if I can get some additional info on this for you, Washizz.

Also, what is your character name and server name?

Character name: Machinegunlou
Server: NA East - Avesta


I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact it hasn’t made “progess” aka you did not choose the specialization. Since you are waiting for scouter, I’m positive u will keep getting the cutscene and start Beatrice all over again till that character is made (scouter).

I think that’s because your character hasn’t been in arkesia yet which is not possible if u didn’t choose scouter in this case.

Curious what other info they can give u :slight_smile:


For Arcanist/Glaiver, I would usually create my character a week or 2 before release and I would stack rest bonus in Trixion which is usually a tip people give when preparing for a class release. I didn’t have any issue with those classes, but I guess I’ll wait and see.


Any update?