No restart needed -- EU matchmaking is "broken" only in peak hours (too many players to handle)

I feel I have to respond to this part of the official News post:


We understand folks are also experiencing issues with matchmaking, which is a critical feature for organized play. To improve matchmaking we restarted Europe Central servers on 2/20 at 11pm UTC (2/21 12am CET) with an expected downtime of 2 hours. This helped stabilize the feature while we work with Smilegate RPG on a more long-term fix."

I play every day in EU Central, and I can 100% assure you that matchmaking is broken solely during the hours with longest queues. It is not a bug, not a corrupted server session. Simply too many players to handle.

So please stop restarting the servers needlessly. 3 hours of downtime you cause by that is absolutely needless and very annoying.

U.S. servers only have this issue between 4-10CST on Karta, so I’d have to agree with the fact that it MIGHT BE something population related.

This is definitely caused by the natural limits (bottlenecks) of the technologies, both the internet and the game software. Not bugs, not corruptions, etc. The solution is NOT to restart, but to limit the number of people who play at max simultaneously; i.e. make the queues LONGER to solve this.