No reward for clearing Argos?

I got kicked by the server with 10 minutes remaining on the Phase 3 timer, and then when I reconnected, I didnt get any rewards :confused:

Happened to a guildy on valtan hm. If you’re running it with a static make sure your team reset if someone disconnects. They won’t even give you a reentry ticket.

It happened a few times during my Valtan’s runs, and they get the ticket. From my understanding we not getting the ticket when server crashes (happened to me last Saturday, and still waiting for ticket), but if you get D/C and servers working, you’ll get the ticket.

My guildy spoke to support and didnt get a ticket.

People been waiting for tickets for weeks, when West servers crashed like 2/3 weeks ago, and they still waiting.

Well i dont know what to tell you. He got told he wouldnt be getting one. Same situation as above. He dc’d reconnected just in time to see the boss dye, got in game had and had no rewards in the reward tab. Its not the same as DCing and the group finish.

I checked mail, dont have a ticket :confused: