No rewards in Ghostship 1490 with Artist

I was in a group during ghostship, haven’t done it this week.


It recognized it for the Ark pass completion, but i only received 492 silver. The same happened to another Artist that in the same ghostship (not in my group).

Thanks for reporting this. What is your character name and server name?

I had loot with my artist on 1490gs.
Maybe u didnt done enough. My Bf didnt get any loot either on his Main (sharpshooter 1510+) even thouh we were in a group. Support said that he didnt done enough which doesnt make sense when i got it and im just a sup. Seems like its sometimes just buggy, no clue.

Had the same problem in ghost ship and aswell in chaos gate

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community. I’ll get this over to the team.

Thanks for this info as well!

Teeayaya - Thirain

Thanks! This has been sent over.