No second powerpass?

I’ve only ever used ONE powerpass; I leveled up to 50 on two different servers, and used my first powerpass on my second server. My first server does NOT have a powerpass for some reason, and I’m not getting one in the mail on my current server, after using my original powerpass.

Can you help me get my second powerpass?

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Thank you for reaching out, I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t received your second powerpass.

In this case since you already use the first powerpass, the second should’ve been delivered to your in-game mail, please follow this steps to make sure there is no file causing this issue with the second powerpass:

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Close Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Check the game files on Steam
  5. Open Lost Ark.

After doing this please check your in-game mail to see if the powerpass was delivered, if the issue persist I recommend you to contact us via chat to have one of our agents further investigate the issue and if needed escalate it to make sure you get your powerpass.

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You cannot split them in the way that you are suggesting. Once you use the first pass on one server the 2nd pass is automatically mailed to that roster and is locked to that server as well. Your account is only granted 2 passes per region.

To clarify, I want to use my second powerpass on my second server, as that’s where I play now; so I want to use both passes on the same server

I just am not receiving my second one on either server, so I’m adding detail by mentioning it’s not on the first one

You should have received the second pass in your mail. I would double check your mail on both servers. Should be mailed to the character that you used the first pass on, after they finish the powerpass intro quest line. If you have not finished that quest that may explain why you never received the second pass.

In talking to CS, I found out that somehow, I was mailed a powerpass in February, BEFORE using any powerpasses; so I leveled up to 50 on my second server a few days ago, used my first powerpass, and then still held a powerpass in my old characters bank and I’m guessing this is the reason why I didn’t get my second mailed to me on my second server as it should have been

I’ve never heard of a case where someone gets mailed a pass while still possessing their first, unused, so I think maybe it was part of an event or something, and caused something to glitch

I’m talking to CS now to see what happened there

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