No server stability update or fix?

The Elder Scrolls Online has server instability for 8 years, they have a way more agressive monetization than Lost Ark and there is zero downtime compensation for paying customers. It has only been until recent few patches that people got enough and leave in hordes.

The gaming industry became lazy, because they get away with releasing unfinished AAA games (e.g. Cyberpunk), re-releasing the same reskinned slot machine every year (e.g. FIFA), fully monetizing early access products and cutting base game content to sell as seperate DLCs. MMOs are no exception to this. The truth is companies will get away with this, because the customers changed and accepted a subpar quality standard long ago. There are always people paying, no matter how hard they get bend over by game devs.

So yeah its not extreme. Its disappointing, but no surprise. Just a regular occurance.

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I have dcd over 20 times in the last 3 hours…

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Hello Roxx,

Thank you for your updates appreciate it!!!

But playing game that constantly disconnects you in middle off the raids, chaos dungeons, events (chaos gates, boss rush, ghost ship etc.) is no fun at all, then why do i play this game if im gonna get dced while having fun/enjoying myself with no compensation provided & losing that entry? The fact that this issue has been going on for a long time and no actual fix/ estimated time window has been provided by the developers/engineers is amusingly funny/embarrassing when brel is going to be released within the next 2 week window - is brel update really going to happen ? & if that happens is the dc issue still ongoing would the players enjoy/complain more about this game ? I assume there will major issues if they cannot simply fix a dc problem ! I think you need REAL ENGINEERS/REAL TEAMS working on the issues not the ones who throws the problem to the next person !!! I understand that there are difficulties overcoming some of the problems but it shouldn’t take this long to resolve an ongoing issue or communicate this major problem to the players !!

Yours Truly,
A gamer annoyed by DISCONNECTING EVERY 10M

3 disconnects in 2 guardian raids today… after server issues all weekend…when am I supposed to do raids?

I’d be interested to find out at some point why the disconnects keep happening

I myself have experienced a few d/cs, however I believe my modem is going out and that’s most of the cause

Yet some people have no issues and others have a lot

I don’t code, I only understand a bit of it however I’m really intrigued as to what’s happening behind the scenes

And if people are still buying stuff from the store and playing without issue then the problem isn’t as “widespread to everyone” as others think

Okay so i followed the steps to “fix” the eac issue via this link: Addressing the recent EAC Issue
and somehow it has gotten 100x worse, before I dc one in every few hours if not at all. Now I dc/EAC crash/Full crash/error code crash every 5 mins, I talk to npc i crash, i portal to docks i crash, try and select my Una’s I crash. try and do Guardians i freeze in loading screen then crash, i go into chaos i crash when i try and portal to the next area. What did you guys do? Next time I won’t try and update or do anything because this is madness.

That fix was not for the disconnects.

It was to fix an EAC issue causing CPU spikes to 100% and the game/eac not properly closing after being shut down (even after a reboot).

Sadly it had nothing to do with the disconnect issues.

It does however sound like your repair of EAC did not go very well, and perhaps a reinstall or a verify and repair may be required

This 100%. My teams work 24/7 to fix any substantial connexion issues on our prod environments. I can’t fathom how a trillion dollar company can let such a critical issue slide over the course of several sprints without any fix or immediate escalation whatsoever. This is beyond understanding.


they barely have any staff, that’s why this problem is not fixed for a month now.

Should have rolled back the patch after we started having issues. Now it looks to me like things haven gotten worse not better. I got disco’ed at least 8 times today 2 times it was back to back.


There definitely seem to be some differences. I get maybe 1 - 3 random disconnects in my daily 5 char rotation, while others report them way more frequently. It´s weird indeed, but shouldnt take as long to find out as it currently does. Everything points towards a certain patch, so whatever they shipped there caused the issue.

And if people are still buying stuff from the store and playing without issue then the problem isn’t as “widespread to everyone” as others think

Nah people buying from the store is just people being dumb and supporting the subpar industry standard of bad quality control and slow work ethics. Happens since years. The issue is indeed widespread and got frequently reported across all regions of the western version. e.g. today I was one of four people who got disconnected during Valtan G2 execute phase with 10 bars left. The other people finished instead of waiting and restarting. We 4 all got locked out of the loot.

I agree it does suck for the people it happens to

Also SG themselves have probably never had something like this happen in KR and other versions (where have you heard that one before) so it would make sense why it’s taking a lot longer to fix it

I agree this should have been fixed months ago, however I’m also in the camp that this game needed another year before it was released globally to work out these issues beforehand, not as they come up

But that’s just my opinion

I see, well i shouldn’t have done anything then because it has made it unplayable, in the last 30 mins crashed 5 times with eac offline message/spelt message/full crash.
I did everything, i repaired a few times, verify and repair, full uninstall and reinstall, now i just need to do a full reinstall of the game and steam too because i can’t even log into anything character w/o it crashing completely.

As long as it is solved by December 14th, it is okay.
Having entire Raid Instances crash now is not acceptable for Abrelshud release.

you know we are now at week 6 with the same shit happening…

good that you are back
now go back to that paladin pvp, we dont care about your legion raids

2 d/c today rip so far

Cash shop is running fine. There are no problems according to Business Intelligence.

Hilariously, I can’t access the in-game store right now because it keeps telling me there’s an error communicating with Steam servers.

Red alert!