No server transfer

This is legit shamefull of u. We pay to play early, NOTHING WORKS. Then u make new servers after we spend alot of time playing (early mornings and mid nights). And u don’t even let us move chars? and u strip us from our founder packs? u guys are crocks!

U guys better fix this fast, ur gona feel this blow…

I do understand that you are mad and the fact that they made a mistake in not opening enough servers in the first the place. However you need to learn to walk first before you can run, which means they need new servers first before they can make transfers available.
I still have faith left in order to believe that they are aware of that issue and made internal arrangements to get the develoment of transfers on the way. I don’t think that they will scam us for the 100 -150€ / $ because that wouldn’t be a smart idea and i don’t think that they are that dumb.

i don’t know if you have read that thing here

if u bought platinum u only get a gold one. so…

They could atleast hand out powerpases.

what. you bought plat you get the plat again… or for what is there a plat written down?