No shade but.... Devs?

Why do the Devs not use information learned from other regions for this one. Examples

  1. Honing %s in T1/T2
  2. Honing %s from 1340-1370
  3. PVP rankings

all of these things are different in the KR/RU version because people did not like them and quit the game as I understand it…


Pure greed of AGS. Frustration and desparation generate money, happy ppl spend for skins and vanity stuff not for materials.


Oh they did.

Game was supposed to launch with honing buffs through 1370, they got pulled after closed testing said it made it “too easy” (aka no one gets stuck and 580/1080/1355 and swipes).

Those buffs would have landed most players around 1415 in 2 months which was the original schedule for Valtan as stated by Gold River. They clearly know how to calculate progress and plan for where players will be, and did so originally.

Now we have been told Valtan will be delayed and launched “when players are ready”, as if players aren’t ready specifically because of changes made to milk whales.

This is also why the roadmap isn’t being released, because they completely destroyed the original progression timeline to milk whales.


it’s not devs but amazon

smilegate knows what happens when players are upset

amazon just wants money


I think it’s both SG and AGS want to milk players of course.
It’s really sad that they didn’t learn their lesson and ruin a good game


You’re really stupid if you think it’s AG. Smilegate sends them the builds. Smilegate knew exactly what happened and you think they didn’t absolutely plan this exact version of the game.


Smilegate prob has no idea how the western audience works. They decided to use a worst build than the ones KR got that nearly killed their game, thinking maybe the west would like it better.

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publishers literally have more control more of the game than the actual devs


Anything bad will be pushed on AGS and anything good will be pushed on Smilegate. No one truly knows their relationship dynamic. You can only guess that they work together but the build I’d assume is on smilegate as you said.


I think it’s AGS specifically because:

  • Gold River directly said Argos in 1 month, Valtan 1 month after that in an interview.
  • The game originally was planned to launch with the 7/7 honing changes through 1370 (7/7 changes in other version also went through 1415) that would have made most players land at 1415 in about 2 months, just in time for Valtan.
  • 7/7 honing changes were pulled because of AGS’s closed testing feedback that it made things “too easy”.
  • All of a sudden players aren’t on track for the timeline stated by Gold River, Valtan is being delayed, roadmap is being changed and not released.

This makes it look completely like AGS’s fault for pulling the honing changes to me. It makes no sense for it to be SG if the honing changes match the timeline stated by Gold River, and without them we are off of that timeline to the point where the roadmap has to be redone and Valtan delayed.


Seeing as players struggled to get through t2, the honing buffs without enough material would not be enough to get to valtan in 2 months. For the average player that is.

Idk if you saw what the honing buffs are.

In T1/T2 you have 100% honing chance up through like +12 or something, and you get 2 levels per hone instead of 1.

And then in T3 through 1370 it’s +20% chance and 60% less material cost (leapstone/crystal/silver/shards).

It also has the 20%/60% through 1415 in other regions but we were only getting it to 1370 in our version, which makes sense for 1415 in 2 months.

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T1/T2 would be a breeze. T3 would still take a while. Getting from 1400-1415 still takes a lot of mats.

Yes that’s the point, you can hit T3 in like a week pretty easy playing casually, 1370 like 2 weeks after that (hey ready for Argos when it releases), and then you have like 1.5 months for 1370-1415 for Valtan.

Also gotta keep in mind Valtan comes with South Vern/Bridge/Rehearsal which is a lot of extra mats for hitting 1415 (probably enough to get like 4-5 ilv at 1400+).

As I said, I am seeing from a casuals PoV. If you get all these mats in t2 and you still cannot make it to t3 in a month, which happened for a lot of casuals. You will struggle in t3 even if the game released with honing buffs. That’s how I see it. I personally think they should’ve gone out with the honing buffs but I still do not think a lot of casual players could have hit valtan even with 2 months.

Smilegate patches the game according to amazon’s request. They both have say so in the result. No idea how much say so each had or whose idea it was to not buff honing. But I think Roxx back in the day confirmed this relationship. It is not purely Smilegate.

I don’t know why but I suspect the testers stopped at the first honing T1 and T2 where the success is 100% -50%.

you do realize that spending money is the players choice? regardless if the option is there people will do it.

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Idk if you’re just not reading my post or something.

The T1/T2 honing buffs are crazy. What you’re saying is pretty much impossible. You basically just do islands and hit T3.

Literal T2 cost right now:

  • 930k Silver
  • 731 Gold
  • 409,000 shards
  • 14108 Destruction
  • 42302 Guardian
  • 1602 Leapstones

Cost with honing buffs:

  • 0 Silver
  • 0 Gold
  • 185k Shards
  • 5326 Destruction
  • 15970 Guardian
  • 597 Leapstones

I know but people already pointed out the “questionable” decisions that they made in KR version which generated a lot of backlash. And conveniently, they made the same decisions again, isn’t that weird xD ?

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