No skins in store

Why the game has little variety of skins? even the other versions of the game have several options… it’s been months since lost ark was released and we still have a very thin clothing store with no options to buy. Another subject that left me in doubt is whether the skins of the Korean and Russian versions will be released here? because there was some discussion about clothes that are too revealing… will these clothes be released here? like bathing suits… or we will have different versions of skins.


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We will see mate… we will see in next week. If they release another edge skins… I will cry

i 100% bet it’s these hideous stuff that most na/eu people love

Okay i am ready to cry

I’m not that concerned over them censoring skins, I don’t think they will except for artist but I am concerned that they’re releasing the least popular skins first to make money off them now because no will buy them in the future which will mean we prob won’t get anything good until June

If those are the skins that we’ve been waiting for, I’ll pass.


People that dont like a skin wont buy it. Just my 2 cents tbh.
Stretching it like this doesn’t rly help them. People will and already have left the game reaching T3 and seeing the endgame and such so i wouldn’t be surprised


tha surprise gonna be skins

From my understanding even the skins you can craft aren’t in the game.

I actually like most of those more than the store ones.

During early access I saw NPC armor skins from a list on the barber. This was quickly removed before full release but I saw 'em. I recall Thirain, Armen and Blackfang. Prolly 100 or so. Not sure if it was a future update, a dev tool or what. I couldn’t find any info on it since.

Wish I’d taken a screen shot. Didn’t know it was a bug.